Britain is a great country, but it has lost its way

Britain isn’t working well for many of us right now. The cost of energy, housing, and food are too high, while decent jobs with real prospects are hard to come by.

It wasn’t always like this. British science and engineering shaped the modern world. We built the first railways, first coal-fired power station, and split the atom. Life got better in Britain because of it.

Britain Remade is a campaign that believes we can do it again. We will advocate on your behalf and put forward practical ideas to make sure new industries are built in Britain.

Let’s get back to what we’re good at.

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Our Latest Campaign

Roads Britain Needs to Unlock Economic Growth

We’ve launched a series of new local campaigns to stop bans and blockages on key projects we need to get Britain back to what it’s good at. From the Third Menai Crossing in Wales to widening the A1 in Northumberland, a failure to build is holding our communities back. If you agree, find out how you join the campaigns and take action.

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Transport campaign

Our Ideas

The problems Britain faces today – rising prices, loss of industry and expensive housing – can be overcome. Britain Remade is working on practical ideas to fix these problems and improve Britain. We’re here to act on your behalf and make sure politicians are listening.


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