Britain Remade is a campaign to promote economic growth

Britain Remade is a new campaign to promote economic growth. We put forward practical solutions to the problems holding Britain back.

But our economy has stalled, and we have fallen behind. British families are now around £13,500 worse off than the average American family and almost £6,000 worse off than the average German family. If we cannot turn it around, we’re set to be overtaken by Poland within a decade.

We believe that a core problem holding Britain back is that it is too hard to build things in this country. We want to reform the planning process to deliver more clean energy projects, transport infrastructure, and new good quality housing at speed.

If you agree and want to see better infrastructure, more investment, and the creation of new industries in your area, then sign up and back our campaign.

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Standing up
for people

We think that many of today’s problems can be solved by listening to the people affected by them.

That’s why we'll be holding events across the UK to listen to your views and share our practical solutions to the problems the UK faces.

Our Team

Sam Richards

Campaign Director & CEO

Sam Richards is a former special advisor at No.10 Downing Street, where until recently he worked on energy and the environment, and is a passionate advocate for clean growth across the UK.

As CEO of Britain Remade, Sam will set the strategic direction of the organisation. He Tweets:


Jeremy Driver

Head of Campaigns

As Head of Campaigns, Jeremy is responsible for the design and delivery of Britain Remade’s campaign activity.

Jeremy has extensive experience in delivering policy change, campaigning across grassroots, policy and politics. He will serve as the campaign’s day-to-day communications lead. He Tweets:


Sam Dumitriu

Head of Policy

As Head of Policy, Sam is responsible for developing Britain Remade’s policy ideas.

Before joining Britain Remade, he worked at a range of Westminster think tanks covering topics including immigration, technology, and education. He will serve as the campaign’s day-to-day policy lead. He Tweets:


Jason Brown

Head of Communications

Jason oversees Britain Remade’s press and media activities. Before joining Britain Remade Jason was a media Special Adviser to the Prime Minister with responsibility for regional media and the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities.

Prior to working in Government he was a Senior Adviser to Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen overseeing political communications and operations.


Ben Hopkinson

Policy Researcher

Ben works on Britain Remade’s policy development and analysis.

He was previously a Senior Risk Consultant at PwC, where he specialised in supporting clients in the energy, transport and public sectors.

@Ben_A_Hopkinson on X and blogs at @benhopkinson

Robyn Fairbrother

Executive Assistant

Robyn is the Executive Assistant for Britain Remade. Robyn directly supports the CEO and works collaboratively with the wider team to keep the busy campaign schedule on track, as well as the organisation and delivery of our nationwide events. Before joining the Britain Remade team, and campaigning for economic growth, Robyn worked as a teacher.


  1. Is this a political party or group?

    No. We’re a new independent grassroots organisation. We are not affiliated with, or part of, any political party.

  2. What are you trying to do?

    We’re here to listen to, and represent, ordinary people. People who don’t normally do politics, or think the system works for them, but want to see change where they live.

    We believe things can be different. We can have a faster-growing, cleaner, economy. We'll be holding events across the UK to listen to your views, and to inform the development of our practical solutions to Britain's problems. We'll then campaign to make these solutions a reality.

  3. Are you a national campaign?

    Yes, Britain Remade is a national campaign. We launched in Yorkshire, but we will be visiting and campaigning for every region and nation in the UK.

  4. Is this just for people who work in politics?

    No, exactly the opposite. This is a campaign for ordinary people who think things can be different and better.

    We are going to be listening to a range of different views, to help develop practical solutions we can all get behind. Sign Up, attend events, suggest ideas, Britain Remade is here for you!

  5. When will you be coming to my area?

    Before the end of 2022 we will be holding events in Yorkshire, the North West and the North East. We will be publishing the latest details about these and all our upcoming events on our In Your Area page.

    Sign up and we can keep you updated on our latest events and when we are coming to your area.

  6. How can I follow Britain Remade's progress?

    The best way to stay up to date is to Sign Up.

    You can also follow the progress and thinking from Britain Remade, by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Substack.

  7. Where can I read about Britain Remade's ideas?

    Head over to Our Ideas page to read our latest thinking.

    But we want to hear from you too! We are going to be holding a number of events across the UK over the coming months. Sign up and we can let you know when we are coming to your area. You can get in touch if you have suggestions for practical solutions to help Britain.

  8. How can I get involved?

    There are lots of ways you can get involved with Britain Remade: follow us, attend events, suggest ideas! We want to hear from you.

    The easiest first step is to sign up. Let us know what issues matter to you most and we can keep you updated on all the latest news and thinking.

  9. Can I contribute to the campaign?

    Whilst it is a long-term ambition for the campaign, Britain Remade is not currently able to accept grassroots funding.

    At this time, Britain Remade is funded by grants from a range of organisations, including the European Climate Foundation and Quadrature Climate Foundation.

  10. How can I get in touch?

    You can get in touch with us in two ways.

    Sign Up and we will be in touch with the latest news about what Britain Remade is up to.

    Alternatively, get in touch with us directly by email.