Our roads are full
our trains are late

Britain’s transport infrastructure is broken. Our roads are full, our trains are late, and compared to Europe our great cities are a nightmare to navigate.

We don’t have modern infrastructure because we haven’t built it - we are living off the crumbling inheritance of our ancestors: railway lines built by the Victorians, motorways built 70 years ago.

As a result we spend too long sat in traffic or stood on platforms waiting for trains that don’t come. These delays don’t just make our lives more miserable; they make us all poorer.

Agree? To help change things, we’ve launched a series of local campaigns to overturn bans and blockages on road projects across Wales and England that are hurting communities and motorists while holding back economic growth.

Getting back to what we’re good at with better transport

We can make transport in the UK faster, cheaper, and more reliable by building new clean roads and railways. New highways lined with ultra rapid, reliable EV charge points, new urban transport links to connect people to the best jobs.

This will require government investment – but it also means reforms to a planning system that delays new roads – or bans them entirely – and allowing the market to build the EV chargers we’ll need to refuel our modern electric cars. It also means changing the way we build – mirroring best practice from those countries that are able to build infrastructure faster and at a lower cost.

Not only will these changes make life better for all of us by cutting our commute times and making it easier to visit friends and family – but they’ll support good jobs in EV manufacturing and the wider supply chain.