Every day 42,300 vehicles use the two 19th century bridges over the Menai Strait, linking Anglesey with mainland Wales. They’re the only road route on and off the island, and a lifeline to the people that rely on them.

When the Menai Bridge closed for emergency repairs in 2022 people and businesses in North West Wales suffered economic pain and traffic chaos.

But there is a solution: a third Menai Crossing has been planned for years. But in February 2023 the Welsh Government announced it was scrapping all major road projects on climate grounds.

It’s clear that the country needs a third Menai crossing. People living on Ynys Môn need to be confident that they can get on and off the island when they need to.

A third crossing is also essential for the business case for new nuclear at Wylfa and for helping Holyhead port grow. The crossing is a project of national importance and crucial for securing new jobs and economic growth.

We're calling on the Welsh Government to drop its ban on new road projects, re-commit to getting a third Menai crossing built, and work directly with the Government in Westminster to secure the funds necessary for the project.

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