Wind & Solar

To become energy secure by 2030, Britain will need to unlock 70GW of additional renewable generation in less than seven years. The time it takes to build a new offshore wind farm will need to be cut to five and a half years, to five years for onshore wind, and to just over one year for solar. This is possible, but it will require substantial reforms to the planning process.



Additional Renewable Energy by 2030


Offshore wind faces massive planning barriers

To win permission to build a new offshore wind farm, developers often submit over a thousand documents including a 10,000 plus page environmental impact assessment.


Onshore wind is banned in England

Onshore wind, the cheapest form of energy on many measures, is effectively banned in England. Projects can only go ahead in England if they are on land identified as suitable for onshore wind and proceed with unanimous consent.


Solar projects are staying small

Navigating the slow and bureaucratic planning process for major infrastructure projects is such a challenge that many solar developers are choosing to limit their projects to 49.9MW.