Wales polling in Politico energy newsletter

18 July, 2023
Politico Pro: Energy and Climate newsletter

WELSH, WARY: The Labour government in Wales announced plans earlier this year to scrap all new major road building, in a bid to reduce the nation's carbon footprint. New polling suggests the public are unconvinced by the policy.

To ban or not to ban: Just under half of people in Wales (49 percent) say they oppose the ban while a third back it, according to data from campaign group Britain Remade. Half also said they thought the move would have a negative impact on the Welsh economy.

He's electric: Sam Richards, founder of Britain Remade, said that switching to electric vehicles was a more effective way to get Wales to net zero. Richards called the road building ban "barmy" although it is fair to point out that this is a former Tory special adviser criticizing a Labour policy.