ConservativeHome by Sam Richards

Britain built the world’s first railway, the world’s first coal-fired power station, and the world’s first commercial nuclear power station. This strength in innovation and industry made us, for a time, the richest country on the planet.

This is not just a feature of our past – off the coast of Yorkshire will soon sit the world’s single largest offshore wind farm, Hornsea Three. Once operational, Hornsea Three will have the capacity to power over half of Yorkshire’s homes. It will also support thousands of high-skilled, local manufacturing jobs, including 750 in a world-class factory in Teesside. In short, it is levelling up in action.

Yet Hornsea Three also tells another story – of a dysfunctional planning system that underpins our current economic crisis. Households are struggling to pay their bills due to high global gas prices, yet the rollout of cheaper domestic alternatives such as wind and solar has been held up by planning bottlenecks.

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