Statement responding to the latest Investec energy bills forecast

Responding to the latest forecast from Investec that predicts the price cap on energy bills will fall to £2,478 in July, Sam Richards, CEO of pro-growth campaign group Britain Remade, said:

“The latest forecasts from market analysist that energy bills will fall by the middle of this year will obviously be welcomed by millions of households up and down the country. However, there will be no real respite for hard pressed families and businesses until government fixes the core problem: getting more domestic clean energy online as quickly as possible.

“Unfortunately, the government has not yet set out how they intend to clear away the hurdles that so often stand in the way of new cleaner and more affordable energy projects. Not only will these projects deliver energy independence, so we are never again reliant on importing expensive gas from dubious regimes, they will create tens of thousands of good-quality well paid jobs, delivering growth right across the UK.”