Modernise environmental impact assessments

  • Action 11



    Invest in the creation of better environmental databanks, carry out preliminary environmental studies ahead of offshore lease auctions, and mandate that developers share the results of their environmental studies in full.

  • Action 12



    Create a new environmental mapping tool to identify areas most appropriate for new renewable projects (i.e. those with low environmental significance). Designate these areas as Clean Power Zones and adopt Spain’s policy of eliminating the default requirement for environmental impact assessments for all onshore wind (75MW and under) and solar projects (150MWs and under) in these zones.

  • Action 13



    Streamline and enhance environmental protections by replacing Environmental Impact Assessments and Habitats Regulation Assessments with Environmental Outcome Reports and adopting a strategic approach to compensation modelled on the proposed Offshore Wind Environmental Improvement Package.

  • Action 14



    Create a standardised methodology for carbon assessments within National Policy Statements to provide certainty for infrastructure developers and prevent a common source of legal challenges