Sam Richards responds to PM watering down net zero pledges

Responding to the Prime Minister’s plan to water down net zero commitments, Sam Richards, founder and campaign director at Britain Remade, said:

“Rishi Sunak’s Government has a track record of delaying the energy infrastructure we need to cut bills, dithering over the transport infrastructure we need to boost growth, and failing to deliver the planning reforms we need so young people can get on the housing ladder.

“At the very moment the US, the EU, China and others are investing trillions in building new clean industries, the Government now appears set to inject more uncertainty for businesses and put Britain further behind our rivals.

“Just like their bungled offshore wind auction that saw them fail to procure a single new offshore wind farm - chopping and changing the phaseout date for new petrol & diesel cars will baffle international investors, whose confidence in the Government is wearing thin.

“They’ve said they remain committed to net zero by 2050, but look set to renege on a host of policies that were in put in place by Conservative Governments to get us there.

“We’ll take them at their word - next week Britain Remade will every day release a practical, popular policy that will get growth going *and* put us back on track for net zero. The Government is welcome to take any of them.”