Sam Richards on reports of onshore wind u-turn

Responding to reports that the Prime Minister is set to drop his commitment to reversing the ban on new onshore wind farms in England, Sam Richards, founder and campaign director for Britain Remade, said:

“Losing an environment minister over the Prime Minister’s perceived indifference to climate change was careless - failing to drop the ban on new onshore wind farm developments in England would be reckless. If, as suggested, he is planning on rowing back on the minor commitments he has already made, then he will be condemning million of people to high energy bill as they already struggle with the cost of living crisis.

“Onshore wind is one of the cheapest forms of energy available and the building of new turbines in local communities is overwhelmingly backed by the majority of people across the country.

“Dropping the ban will not only unlock a tsunami of clean energy projects and give England, it will deliver thousands of jobs in Britain’s former industrial heartlands, including in Yorkshire.

“High energy bills are not inevitable, Britain can have cheap and reliable energy for decades to come, without been reliant on volatile international gas markets, but we must drop the senseless ban on new onshore wind farms so that Britain can get building.”