We all know we’re paying too much for our energy bills. We know we spend too long stuck in traffic or waiting for trains that never seem to come. We know that wages are too low while our rent is too high - and that buying a home for our family is harder than ever before.

Every single day we live through Britain’s failure to build the modern clean infrastructure the country needs. Over the last two years we’ve spoken to people right across the country, from Aberdeen to Anglesey, from Durham to Devon. Everyone tells us the same thing: it feels like nothing works any more.

Sometimes it can feel like nobody in Westminster has a plan to sort this out. But it doesn’t have to be like this. Britain Remade’s plan will get us back to what we’re good at.

Britain built the world’s first railway line, the world’s first coal-fired power station, and the world’s first commercial nuclear power plant. We built the future - and our lives got better.

We can do it again. If we build new sources of clean energy we can get bills down, keep them down, and be energy independent by the end of the decade.

If we build new clean transport links we can make it easier to get to the best jobs, and easier for all of us to see friends and family,

If we build the beautiful, energy-efficient new homes this country needs we can bear down on rents and give people a fighting chance to get onto the housing ladder.

Back to what we're good at is our plan to do just that. Our plan to get Britain back to what it's good at - inventing and building things to solve problems and make lives better. And we’re going to work to make sure all parties take on board our ideas as part of their manifestos in this election.

We once led the world in new ideas and new industries. If you agree that we can once again build the future - then join our campaign today.