01 Nov, 2023
Daily Post, by Harri Evans

A petition calling for a third Menai crossing has been launched. The campaign group Britain Remade is calling on the Welsh Government to “re-commit to getting a third Menai crossing built" and work with the UK Government to secure the funds necessary for the project.

It is the latest phase of the group’s campaign for a new road connection between the Welsh mainland and Ynys Môn, which is currently dependent on the Britannia Bridge and the Menai Suspension Bridge, which closed for four months in October last year. The launch of the petition follows a public meeting on the island last month, organised by Britain Remade, that brought together residents and politicians, including the MP for Ynys Môn Virginia Crosbie and Cllr Sonia Williams and Cllr Dyfed Wyn Jones from Plaid Cymru.

The Welsh Government have previously said they have not ruled out a third crossing, but currently do not have the £400m needed to pay for a crossing. Lee Waters, Deputy Minister for Climate Change, previously said they would "consider all options" but were considering a third "zipper" lane on the Britannia Bridge.

Last year’s temporary closure of the Menai Bridge for repairs caused traffic chaos and economic pain for people and businesses in north west Wales. Plans for a new bridge were cancelled when the Welsh Government scrapped major road building projects on climate grounds, with all future projects having to pass strict criteria.

Sam Richards, founder and campaign director of Britain Remade, said: “Every time I speak to people on Ynys Môn I’m struck by how much people rely on the two ageing bridges linking the island to the mainland. People on Ynys Môn are desperate for a modern connection to mainland Wales, which has been promised for so many years.

"Not only is the lack of a 21st century bridge making life difficult for residents and businesses, it's leading to more congestion and higher emissions – while doing little to tackle climate change. This petition will send a clear message to the governments in Cardiff and Westminster: stop playing politics, and work together to make the lives of those who rely on the Menai crossing easier.”

You can view the petition here.