Drop onshore wind ban, says former Number 10 special advisor

Energy Live News by Dimitris Mavrokefalidis


The pressure is mounting on the government over the ban on new onshore wind farms as a recent report showed that last year, just two small wind turbines went operational across England.

Yesterday, a new campaign was launched by Sam Richards, who is a former special advisor at Number 10 Downing Street, where until recently he worked on energy and the environment.

The group behind ‘Britain Remade’ is campaigning to make it easier to build critical energy infrastructure.

Campaigners suggest reform is needed to bring bills down, create skilled jobs in new clean industries and reduce Britain’s dependence on imported energy.

A few months ago, the former Levelling Up Secretary Simon Clarke tabled an amendment to the Levelling Up Bill that would have ended a ban on new onshore wind farms – Boris Johnson and Liz Truss endorsed it.

Sam Richards said: “Since 2015 the government has effectively banned building the cheapest source of power in England: onshore wind.

“Last year, despite record high energy bills, just two small turbines went operational across the country. That’s why we are launching the Britain Remade petition – calling on Rishi Sunak to drop the ban.

“Building new onshore wind farms in England would cut our energy bills, make British industry more competitive and make us less reliant on imported gas.”