28 July, 2023
North wales chronicle, by  Matthew Chandler

PRO-growth campaign group Britain Remade has launched a campaign calling on Welsh Government to drop its ban on new road building and build a new crossing over the Menai Strait.

Not only would the new road slash congestion and emissions, the group says, but also support investment on Anglesey, boost growth, and unlock much-needed jobs on the island.

A third crossing over the Strait is also considered essential for securing a new nuclear power station at Wylfa.

More than 40,000 vehicles rely daily on the two 19th-century bridges linking Anglesey with mainland Wales.

The temporary closure last year of the Menai Bridge for repairs caused traffic and economic issues for people and businesses in North Wales.

But plans for a new crossing fell victim to a decision to scrap 55 road building projects on climate grounds, introducing an effective ban on any future road building in Wales.

Sam Richards, founder and campaign director of Britain Remade, said: “There's no doubt that we need a third Menai crossing.

“Local residents know it’s needed, local businesses know it’s needed and even the Welsh Government have admitted it’s needed.

“But we can’t get spades in the ground while the barmy ban on new road projects in Wales is in place.

“We’re calling on the Welsh Government to drop its ban on new roads, so that Anglesey can flourish. If we want to tackle climate change, the answer is not banning new roads.

“All this will achieve is more congestion, higher emissions and longer journey times, while strangling economic growth and job creation in Wales.

Virginia Crosbie, Conservative MP for Anglesey, said: "Ynys Môn needs a third crossing to ease congestion on the two now old bridges that have a question mark over their ability to stay open regularly following the lengthy closure of the Menai Suspension Bridge recently.

“A freeport and new nuclear at Wylfa plus our position as the Energy Isle are going to attract jobs and investment, and the island needs to have the infrastructure in place to make the most of these huge opportunities. A big part of this is to be able to reliably get on and off Anglesey by vehicle.

“I support the campaign by Britain Remade for a third crossing. I will work closely with it to achieve this aim.”