Britain Remade responds to the latest Ofgem energy price cap

Responding to the latest Ofgem energy price cap update Sam Richards, founder and campaign director of pro-growth campaign group Britain Remade, said:


“While the fall in the Energy Price Cap is obviously welcome news, millions of households up and down the country are still facing eye-wateringly high energy bills.

“Predictions that prices will remain sky high for years to come will no doubt be worrying for many people. The only way to rapidly bring bills down is to turbocharge the roll-out of clean secure sources of domestic energy.

“The Government should start by dropping its ban on new onshore wind farms in England - at the stroke of a pen unlocking the cheapest source of energy available.

“It’s simply mind-boggling that Ukraine, while it fights for its survival, has built more onshore wind capacity than England. Since 2022 just two turbines have been installed generating a paltry 1MW of power in Keele, while Ukraine has just completed first phase of a 500MW project, enough to power over 300,000 homes, less than 62 miles from the front line.

“But it’s not just onshore wind where the Government needs to act. From offshore wind and solar to small modular nuclear reactors and new grid connections, red tape is holding back delivery of clean energy projects. The time it takes to get these infrastructure projects up and running needs to be slashed.

“The longer it takes to get spades in the ground, cables connected and electrons flowing, the more pain, stress and financial hardship people will feel. All of this can be avoided if the Government acts now.”