Britain Remade responds to the latest Energy Price Cap

Responding to the latest Ofgem Energy Price Cap Sam Richards, founder and campaign director of pro-growth campaign group Britain Remade, said:

“The prospect of the Energy Price Cap falling by £122 per year will deliver further relief for households that have had to endure eye-watering energy bills for far too long.

“But energy bills still remain far higher than the long-term average. The only way to rapidly bring bills down is to turbocharge the building of clean sources of secure domestic energy. 

“With the general election now underway it’s imperative that all the main political parties come clean and tell voters how they are going to cut the red-tape and bureaucracy that is holding back the delivery of clean energy projects across the country. 

“Whether it is new nuclear power stations, onshore or offshore wind farms or utility scale solar  the time it takes to build the clean energy infrastructure we need is unnecessary, unjustifiable and is holding Britain back.”