Britain Remade responds to Sir Keir Starmer's energy speech

Commenting on Keir Starmer’s clean energy speech, Sam Richards, founder and campaign director of pro-growth campaign group Britain Remade, said:

“It’s great news that Keir Starmer has put reforming our broken planning system at the heart of Labour’s plans to deliver the clean energy infrastructure that can cut our energy bills and create jobs across the country.

“In March Britain Remade outlined how as a country we could be energy security by 2030 by dramatically speeding up the planning process for building new sources of clean power.

“I’m delighted that Labour have adopted many of the recommendations set out in that report – from ending the senseless ban on new onshore wind farms to speeding up the time it takes to get offshore wind farms up and running.

“But hard-pressed households shouldn’t have to wait for one of the cheapest forms of energy to be unlocked, and with it cheaper bills. At the stroke of a pen Rishi Sunak could lift the ban on new onshore wind farms.

“Britain can be a clean energy superpower with abundant cheap clean energy - but we need to get build. The Labour leader’s speech was a huge step in the right direction, but he must remain committed to getting spades in the ground straight away if he becomes the next occupant of Downing Street.”