Britain Remade backs innovative XLinks project

Commenting on the XLinks project been made a project of national significance, Sam Richards, founder and campaign director of pro-growth campaign group Britain Remade, said:

“The XLinks project is the kind of innovative clean energy development that the Government should be getting behind. Not only will it help cut our dependence on expensive foreign gas, it will play an important role in Britain becoming energy secure.

“This first of its kind project has the potential to power over 7 million homes by 2030 with clean, renewable energy. It will also create thousands of well-paid jobs here in Britain  manufacturing the cables that will link us with Morocco.

“Now that the project has been designated as a project of national significance by the Secretary of State, it is essential that it does not become a victim of the red tape and bureaucratic turmoil that blights so many clean energy projects in Britain.

“Far too often the clean energy infrastructure we need to achieve net zero is held up by dither and delay by Government and spurious legal challenges. Until we overhaul the planning system a cloud of uncertainty will hang over every clean energy project.”