The A57 Mottram bypass has been talked about for decades. It was finally approved by Government in November 2022, but it's been held up- again.

Because of this hold up, the 25,000 vehicles that rely on this road every day, will continue to be delayed. At the same time, 2,000 HGVs will continue to thunder through Mottram every day.

This delay not only causes disruption for the people that live in and around Mottram, but it also hurts the country’s economy. It currently takes far to travel between the great cities of Sheffield and Manchester, delaying the delivery of goods to businesses and limiting job opportunities.

Getting on with the bypass will speed up the journey, boosting our economy.

The environmental assessments have already been passed, numerous consultations held, and the planning application has been approved, but a cynical legal challenge now stands in the way.

Sign our petition today and let’s get building the Mottram bypass.

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