Scotland has long been a powerhouse of British industry. Home to 5.4 million people, Scotland accounts for around 8% of the UK economy. From shipbuilding and textiles, to North Sea oil, Scotland has been a leading light in Britain’s industrial history.

But the opportunities aren’t what they once were. Wages in Scotland have barely increased in a decade. We need to return to an economy that delivers well-paying jobs in Scotland’s towns and cities.

We need new industries, new infrastructure and new ideas to rebuild Scotland.

Getting Scotland back
to what it’s good at

Britain Remade’s role is to act as a broker between our supporters in Scotland and politicians in Westminster and Holyrood. Britain Remade will campaign for practical ideas to improve Scotland, and make sure politicians are listening.

By investing in new clean sources of electricity and reigniting Scotland's industry, we can have decent jobs, affordable housing, and clean, cheap, secure energy.


Britain Remade’s Powerbook for Scotland is our plan to ensure Scotland becomes energy secure by 2030 by speeding up building new clean energy infrastructure by:

  • Creating new Clean Energy Zones where new renewable projects get fast-track planning permission.
  • Lifting Scotland’s effective ban on safe, reliable, low-carbon nuclear.
  • Reduce the planning timetable for clean energy projects like solar and wind farms to one year.