1 September, 2023
ConservativeHome, by Sam Dumitriu


Britain’s taxpayers are getting a poor deal. Public money spent on building new roads, railways, or trams goes much further almost everywhere else than it does in Britain.

Britain Remade, the pro-growth campaign group I work for, looked at over 200 major transport infrastructure projects across 14 different countries. The data revealed that these projects in Britain can cost up to eight times more on a per mile basis than on the continent.

Besançon, a city of just 116,000, was able to build a tramway for half as much as the Manchester’s Metrolink Airport Line extension – Britain’s cheapest tram project. In fact, Britain’s cheapest project is only barely cheaper than France’s most expensive; on average, Brits pay two and a half times more (on a per mile basis) than their French counterparts to build the same length of track.

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