Cost caps for spurious legal challenges to building cost Britain dear. Ministers must raise them.

27 August, 2023
ConservativeHome, by Henry Hill

One thing I sometimes debate with people who have also gazed into the abyss that is the UK’s planning, housing, and infrastructure crisis is whether or not the fact that it is entirely self-inflicted is grounds for hope or despair.

We’re not a mineral-dependent country whose mines are exhausted, nor an equatorial one whose interior is turning into a desert. Britain could be a much richer country, with plentiful housing, better public transport, cheaper energy, more competitive manufacturing, higher labour mobility, and much more besides, if it just made different choices.

The extent of this was highlighted this week by new research from Britain Remade, which highlighted just how much more expensive it is to get anything done in this country compared to most comparator nations in the West.

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